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JDynamic : A tools transfer json to .NET Dynamic Object

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Negative value can't used.


V1.2.0.0 Futures

Fix DateTime bug.

V1.1.0.0 Futures

Support using string index to access member like:
dynamic json = new JDynamic("{a:{a:1}}");
Assert.AreEqual(1, json["a"]["a"]);

Test Case

En, you can use this util as following :

1. Get the value directly

dynamic json = new JDynamic("1");

2.Get the member in the json object

dynamic json = new JDynamic("{a:'abc'}");
//json.a is a string "abc"

dynamic json = new JDynamic("{a:3.1416}");
//json.a is 3.1416m

dynamic json = new JDynamic("{a:1}");
//json.a is integer: 1


dynamic json = new JDynamic("[1,2,3]");
/json.Length/json.Count is 3
//And you can use json[0]/ json[2] to get the elements

dynamic json = new JDynamic("{a:[1,2,3]}");
//json.a.Length /json.a.Count is 3.
//And you can use  json.a[0]/ json.a[2] to get the elements

dynamic json = new JDynamic("[{b:1},{c:1}]");
//json.Length/json.Count is 2.
//And you can use the  json[0].b/json[1].c to get the num.

4. Other

dynamic json = new JDynamic("{a:{a:1} }");
//json.a.a is 1.

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